Thank you very much Mr. Receptionist

Oggi, vorrei pubblicare una mail che ho ricevuto stamattina e che avrei preferito non leggere. Abituato a leggere, giornalmente, dozzine di commenti positivi, quando ne ricevo una particolarmente “pesante”, come quella che segue, mi rende “pesante” il resto della giornata che segue. Fieri di ricevere straordinari giudizi positivi sul servizio che gli ospiti dei Mokinba Hotels ricevono quotidianamente, quando leggiamo che un’ospite ha ricevuto qualcosa in meno rispetto a quanto dovuto, ci aiuta a ritornare sui nostri passi con un robusto training. Grazie mille, quindi, a questo nostro ospite, per averci scritto e fatto sapere cosa ha provato. Questo ci aiuterà molto per migliorarci.


I booked a room at Montebianco Hotel for last Saturday 26 of September 2009. When I paid through your website the total amount, I read check-in was from 12pm. When I arrived to the hotel at 1pm the receptionist (didn´t say hello to us) said room was not ready. He was really rude to us. I asked him when the room will be ready and he said “after lunch”. I think this is not a correct answer for a receptionist of a 4 star hotel. So I had to ask him… What time is after lunch for you? He said 2 or 3 o´clock. Thank you very much Mr. Receptionist for giving us so exact answer of the time we could check-in and not looking to my eyes. He seemed he was talking to the floor. I think you should care more about your staff, because receptionist like this make clients like us not to come back to the Montebianco Hotel anymore. Thank you very much for taking the time reading my email.
Regards, IGNACIO

Questa la risposta inviata al cliente:

Dear Mr. Ignacio,

I read your mail about your experience at the MONTEBIANCO MOKINBA HOTEL. I was so sorry I had not a tel number to call you, as you had some valid points.
We are using your commentary to improve our training of our front desk. We were very disheartened to read this review. We do ask our guests if they need assistance, and we do have staff available 24 hours a day to assist. Many times our guests prefer to leave their own bags and have a round in town before check in. Perhaps the receptionist misunderstood the customer intentions, or perhaps the clerk needed to be more clear. He had since a letter from the management to give more explanations about all matter and justify his behaviour.We do hope that any guest will let us know while they are here if they have ANY issues at all, so that we might address them immediately.
We created also a corporate blog trying to come nearer to our guests needs. So, if you may need to contact us immediately just to visit us again or reply at any time, please do not hesitate. Sincerely,

Franco Italiano – Sales Dept.